Children's Literary Agency owned by Lori Kilkelly


LK Literary Agency was founded in 2018 by children’s literary agent Lori Kilkelly.

In 2008, after a number of successful years in advertising and sales, Lori aspired to combine her talents in these areas with her personal passion for children’s literature. Ultimately, this led to her decision to pursue a career change, and she attended the post graduate program, 'The Denver Publishing Institute' at The University of Denver. Subsequently, she spent nearly a decade at boutique children’s literary agency Rodeen Literary Management, headed by Paul Rodeen—a George Nicholson protégé—and home to award-winning authors Peter Brown, Victoria Jamieson, Lauren Castillo and Ryan Higgins, among others.


During her tenure at RLM, Lori rose through the ranks, eventually representing her own clients, and assembled a list of talented, best-selling, and award-winning authors and illustrators. Having worked independently for much of her career, she also began to lay the foundation to eventually open her own shop. Then, with the full support of Rodeen Literary, she formally announced LK Literary Agency in the fall of 2018 and was joined by all of her clients in the new endeavor.

Now, with more than 100 books under contract and titles with every major trade publisher, she is dedicated to continue bringing meaningful, funny, informative, and moving children's and young adult literature to market, created by an incredibly talented group of authors and illustrators.




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